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QuestionHow do I use Glass Bob?
AnswerIt's very simple. Register, tell us about your property and what you are looking for. We will then find possible swaps for your property, and will let you know by email. It's that easy! See How does it work? for more information.
QuestionWho can advertise on Glass Bob?
AnswerAny tenant can advertise their property on Glass Bob.
QuestionIs Glass Bob an estate agent?
AnswerNo, we are not an estate agent. We manage and publish property information provided by tenants, for the purpose of swapping homes.
QuestionCan I swap my property with a property of a different rent?
AnswerYes. You can swap tenancies regardless of the difference in rent, as long as both parties agree (other considerations apply, such as permission from the respective landlords).
QuestionWhat do I get with Free Registration?
AnswerAs a registered user, you will benefit from the following:
  • Advanced Property Search - Apply more specific searches on our database of properties.
  • Free Property Advert - Advertise your property with multiple photos for Free!
  • Free Property Matches - A property matching process is run daily. We will notify you via email and mobile SMS of your matches. You can view all your matches totally free!
QuestionWill any of my personal details, such as where I live, be divulged to other users?
AnswerNo. Details such as your address will not be displayed or disclosed to other users. We only display a rough indication of your property location, by showing the town, city or region. It is up to you, how much information you wish to provide other users via our messaging system (for the purpose of arranging views etc).
QuestionHow do I find property matches?
AnswerYou can find property matches from our database by going to My Matches.
Glass Bob runs an automated matching process on the whole database of properties every day. We will inform you of any matches found via email.
QuestionHow does Glass Bob find matching properties?
AnswerGlass Bob uses a clever and highly intensive algorithm to match properties using the criteria you have defined in your Search Criteria.
Two properties A & B are considered a match where the owner or tenant of property A's search criteria match property B, and the owner or tenant of property B's search criteria match property A.
QuestionWhat is required to use Glass Bob?
AnswerAll you need to use Glass Bob is an up to date internet browser.

Glass Bob has been tested to work on Internet Explorer 8+, FireFox 3.5.5 +, Safari 4.0.4 + and Google Chrome.
Javascript and cookies must be enabled on your browser for correct functionality.

Glass Bob may work fine on other browsers/versions but the display of the pages may be impaired.
QuestionSo will I ever get charged for my advert?
AnswerNo, advertising your property and viewing your property matches is completely free.

If you are interested in one of the matching properties, or find a property which interests you using the conventional property search facility, you can then contact the property tenant securely using our messaging service. Our secure messaging allows you to communicate with other tenants without disclosing your own personal contact information. Using our secure messaging requires upgrading to full membership at only £9.99. This gives you unlimited access to contact as many users as you require, and only expires once you have successfully swapped or moved to another property.

QuestionWhose permission do I need to swap?
AnswerBoth parties must have their landlord's permission, in writing, to swap. You could be liable to eviction and/or receive a fine if you swap without permission from both landlords or if you give or receive money or goods to secure an exchange. You may not be entitled to carry out a mutual exchange if your tenancy has only recently begun. If you are unsure whether you have the right so swap, you should check with your landlord first.
QuestionHow does a swap occur?
AnswerIn England, Wales and Northern Ireland tenancies should be swapped by a "Deed of assignment". In Scotland new tenancies are usually granted, but you should contact your housing officer as the law in Scotland is different.
QuestionCan a landlord refuse permission for a swap?
AnswerLandlords can only refuse to give permission for a limited number of reasons. The majority of secure tenants have a legal right to exchange. Assured tenants may have the right to exchange, as long as it is written into the tenancy agreement. You can find a full list of the legal "grounds for withholding consent to assignment by way of exchange" in Schedule 3 of the Housing Act 1985, as amended from time to time by various acts including, but not limited to, the Housing and Planning Act 1986 and the Housing Act 2004.
QuestionChecklist before agreeing to a swap
AnswerIt's important that you check the following things:

Both you and your swap partner must have written permission to swap from your landlords
Check the type of tenancy you will be given
Check what the tenancy conditions are, and any additional costs
Check whether repairs or redecoration will be carried out by the landlord
QuestionCan either swap party withdraw at any time?
AnswerYes. Your swap partner can withdraw from the swap at any point until it is complete, and you have no legal redress if they do. Therefore make sure you do not do anything irreversible until the swap is completed.
QuestionWhat do I do when I've swapped?
AnswerFirst of all, congratulations! Please do let us know, as we really like to hear about our users' success stories! Also we can then make sure your property advert is no longer active. You can do this yourself by editing your property information and setting the Current Status field to an appropriate value such as "Swapped via Glass Bob".
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