23rd May 2010

How does mutual matching work?

Lets look into how swap matching (mutual matching) is performed on Glass Bob...

A mutual swap

Glass Bob uses a clever algorithm for cross matching properties, which is designed to maximise your chances of finding your ideal home swap.

The matching is based on:

  • Details you have defined for your property, such as price or rental charges, number of bedrooms and location.
  • Details you specified in your property requirements (Rent/Price, location, number of beds etc)

Your property details are then matched against the Property Requirements for each vendor on our site, while at the same time, Your Property Requirements are matched with the properties of those matching vendors.


  • You had a 2 bed Council home in Birmingham with a monthly rent of £500.
  • You are looking for a 2 bed flat in London with maximum rent of £600.
Now, if another vendor on our site (Joe Smith) who:
  • Had a 2 bed Council flat in London with a monthly rent of £570.
  • Was looking to move to a 2 bed house in Birmingham.

Then your property would be a Mutual Match with Joe Smith's property, and this match would be alerted to you via email and mobile SMS. If you like the look of the matching property, then you can use our secure messaging to contact Joe Smith to make further arrangements towards a possible swap.

At Glass Bob, 100's of mutual matches are happening every day! So don't miss out. Register with Glass Bob and start advertising your property today for free!

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