30th May 2011

Living in a Council home or Housing Association property, and need to move?
For council tenants, there are many good reasons for moving. You may need more space for the children, or be nearer a particular school. Perhaps you want to downsize to reduce your rent.

However, the reality is there are not enough council or housing association properties for everyone. City councils are unable to offer accommodations to all its applicants, let alone giving those already living in council homes the freedom to move into another property.

Tenants can move
This is a major problem for council home tenants, as there is little help given from the city councils to address these issues. Therefore, many tenants find themselves stuck in this situation due to shortages in accommodations to meet the high demands.

Luckily there is help available to tenants in the form of a Home Swap. A home swap or house exchange is where tenants mutually exchange eachothers property. Typically each tenant lives in a property that suits what the other tenant is looking for, and so both parties benefit from the property swap.

So how do I find a tenant who has a property I am interested, swap with me?
Under normal circumstances, it would be extremely difficult to find tenants who shares a mutual interest in eachother's property.

However, home swap networks like Glass Bob do the hardwork of locating these properties for you. On Glass Bob you can advertise your own property and also specify requirements the home you are looking for. This information is fed into a large database of other properties and other tenant requirements. Then computer programs automatically match up tenants who may be interested in swapping with eachother.

When these matches are found, you will be notified by email so you can log into Glass Bob and view the matching properties for yourself.

If you like the property, then you can send the other tenant a message to express your interest in a swap. If the tenant of that property likes your property too, then congratulations! You can both proceed with property swap *.

* Subject to your landlords permission.

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