23rd Feb 2012

Not much response from your home swap advert?
You may be wondering why no one is showing much interest in your property advert. Or why so few bother to respond to your messages.

Usually the advert is attributable to this, for not displaying the rights photos or for not describing key information about the property. Perhaps your advert doesn't even have any pictures of your property at the moment. If that's the case, get some on there quickly, because pictures really are better than words, giving a very good first impression of your home.

First impressions are so important when advertising a property, so it pays to spend some time writing up a well worded (honest) description, and taking pictures to really show it off. For instance, if you saw an advert where the owner or tenant has said very little about the property, without any decent pictures, you would probably discard it without much thought. Likewise, if your advert also lack these things then chances are it will not be attracting much interest from other people either.

Instead try to be enthusiastic about your property, by including facts that you would want to know about it if you were a potential swapper looking at the advert. And crucially, make sure it has some clear photos to give people a good idea of what the property looks like inside and out. You don't need to include lots of pictures. Three or four photos is a general rule of thumb, with at least one exterior and one interior view of the property.

lovely picture of home
Good photo of front of your home
What should my advert description include?

You should look to include key facts about your property that you yourself would want to know, if you were interested.
Examples include:

  • A newly decorated kitchen.
  • 40ft x 40ft lounge with a beautiful log fire place.
  • Close to amenities such as post office, local grocery shops or supermarket
  • Walking distance to the train station or bus stop into the city centre.
  • Wonderful view of fields from the back.
  • Quiet and safe neighbourhood.
  • Not near main road, and very child friendly environment.
  • In catchment area for a good school.
  • In a high speed (20 Meg) internet connection region.
These are just some examples, but wherever you live, you should be able to describe some interesting things about your property that attracts potential viewers.
tidy lounge
Complimenting photo of the inside too
To Summarise

Your advert needs to include:

  • Informative description of your property with key facts you think would interest potential viewers.
  • Clear photos of your property that really express it, and give it the best first impression possible.
Remember, on Glass Bob we try to promote a friendly atmosphere.
So when you receive a message from another member, please be courteous by responding to the message, even if you are not interested in their property.

Good luck with finding your ideal home swap!

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